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Labor Unions

This section generally explains workers' rights regarding labor unions under specific labor laws. It includes information about workers' rights to join labor unions or refrain from joining.

It also includes information about avenues of relief (legal recourse) for workers under specific labor laws, should employers or unions violate workers' union rights protected by the laws.

Lastly, it includes lists and directories of unions.

Union Topics

Right to Work
About the "right to work". In the legal sense, it means that workers don't or shouldn't have to join labor unions to land or keep jobs. Information about Federal and state right to work laws included.

Unfair Labor Practices
What unfair labor practices are, under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) and related laws. Examples, research resources and information about avenues of relief are included.

Union Directories and Lists
Provides links to Web directories and lists of labor unions in the USA, for researching or joining unions, or landing jobs or apprenticeships though them.

Topics Related to Unions

Click on a link below to display the related topic indicated. Click on the red arrow to display the section from which the related topic originates.

Cross-linked from Wages & PayPrevailing Wage
Defines the prevailing wage and explains what it's about, the laws that regulate it, and how to find out how much it is. Union-protected employees are typically eligible for the prevailing wage.

Cross-linked from Wages & PayShow-Up Pay or Reporting Pay
Explains show-up pay, also referred to as reporting pay, required by union collective bargaining agreements or state wage and hour laws.

Cross-linked from RetaliationWorkplace Retaliation
Generally explains prohibited retaliation, along with avenues of relief. Explains same specifically regarding employer or union retaliation against workers, who participate in legit union activities or choose not to.

See Labor Laws for resources to research specific acts that protect workers' rights regarding membership and nonmembership in labor unions.

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