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Job Hiring

This section links to employee rights topics related to the job hiring process, such as at will employment, background checks, credit checks, criminal record checks, probationary periods, discrimination and veterans' preference in hiring.

It also includes an article about the legal issues that might arise, when employers misclassify employees as independent contractors during the job hiring process.

Job Hiring Topics

At Will Employment
Explains the meaning of "at will employment". Also referred to as "employment at will" or "hired at will", it's a doctrine that limits employee rights regarding the terms and conditions of employment, such as job hiring and discharge.

Background Checks - Job Hiring
What background checks investigate, information that employers may reveal about their former employees, and employee rights under related laws.

E-Verify System Employment Eligibility Verification
About the E-Verify System, which allows participating employers to verify the work-authorization status of all newly-hired employees. Provides information for employers, Federal contractors and employees.

Employment at Will States
Which are "employment at will states" and which of those recognize exceptions to the Doctrine of Employment at Will regarding job hiring and discharge.

Employment Credit Check - Job Hiring
Answers the question, "Can employers conduct a credit check to make employment decisions about me?" Also explains your rights under relevant laws and provides links for repairing an inaccurate credit report.

Illegal Interview Questions
Explains what so-called "illegal interview questions" are. Provides a link to example questions that might become evidence of discrimination in job hiring, along with tips on how to deal with such questions.

Probationary Period after Hiring
Generally explains employee rights regarding a new-hire probationary period.

Veterans' Preference in Hiring
Learn about the preferential treatment in hiring and then retention during layoffs, to which many veterans and disabled veterans are entitled by law for government jobs.

Topics Related to Job Hiring

Click on a link below to display the related topic indicated. Click on the red arrow to display the section from which the related topic originates.

Cross-linked from Wages & PayExempt vs. Non-Exempt
What it means to be hired for a job as an exempt or non-exempt (nonexempt) employee, in regard to the minimum wage and overtime pay.

Cross-linked from ContractorIndependent Contractor or Employee?
Under relevant laws, employers may not hire workers as independent contractors, but then attempt to control them as employees. Learn more about independent contractor vs employee issues.

Cross-linked from WorkplaceNepotism - Hiring
Nepotism means favoring relatives. It's not universally illegal in employment. However, its consequences might constitute illegal discrimination in hiring.

See Discrimination for topics related to discrimination in job hiring and other aspects of employment. Information about affirmative action is included.

See Criminal Record for information about the extent to which employers may consider criminal records in job hiring and other employment decisions.

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