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This section generally explains state unemployment insurance benefits and Federal-state extended unemployment benefits, along with eligibility requirements and laws, for employees who lose or quit their jobs. It also explains Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA).

Unemployment Topics

COBRA Extended Health Insurance Benefits
About the Federal law that grants to qualified employees, the right to extend their employer-provided health insurance benefits during periods of unemployment. HIPAA information included.

Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA)
Explains financial assistance provided to employees and self-employed individuals who've become unemployed or lost income because of natural disasters, such as severe storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, straight-line winds, mudslides, earthquakes and tsunamis (tidal waves).

Extended Unemployment Benefits
If you exhaust your standard state unemployment benefits during a period of unusually high unemployment, then your employee rights might entitle you to collect extended unemployment benefits, sometimes generically referred to as emergency unemployment benefits or confused with Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC).

Self-Employment Assistance
Learn about the special program available in some states that provides self-employment help and encouragement to eligible unemployed workers, including those with disabilities.

Unemployment Insurance Benefits and Laws
Generally, how standard state unemployment benefits work. Includes information about claims, benefits, eligibility and appeals. Provides links for further researching same, specifically for your work state.

See Unemployment Offices to link to the Web site of the government agency in your work state that administers unemployment benefits and laws. The relevant state unemployment office is where you would apply for DUA or standard or extended unemployment benefits, online or otherwise.

See also One-Stop Career Centers, which provide free employment assistance to job seekers in partnership with state unemployment offices.

Topics Related to Unemployment

Click on a link below to display the related topic indicated. Click on the red arrow to display the section from which the related topic originates.

Cross-linked from Wages & PayFinal Paycheck
When final paychecks are due under state final pay laws, after employees quit or lose their jobs.

Cross-linked from TerminationFired for Gross Misconduct
Defines what gross misconduct means in the court system and generally explains how to appeal if your employer denies you COBRA or unemployment benefits after firing you for gross misconduct.

Cross-linked from TerminationFired from a Job
About an employee's rights when fired from a job, including information about collecting unemployment benefits.

Cross-linked from TerminationLayoff
Employee rights regarding employment discharge through a layoff, including layoff notice, state unemployment benefits, severance pay and final pay. Also includes information about the COBRA and WARN Acts.

Cross-linked from TerminationQuitting a Job
Explains employee rights when quitting a job. Includes information about giving advanced resignation notice and collecting state unemployment benefits. Also includes a link to sample resignation letters.

Cross-linked from Wages & PaySeverance Pay
Whether or not you're entitled to receive severance pay from your employer, after quitting or losing your job. Mentions how receiving severance pay might affect your unemployment insurance benefits.

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