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Workplace and Employer Retaliation

The topics in this section generally explain employment and employer retaliation in the forms of whistleblower and workplace retaliation.

All are forms of employment discrimination that is prohibited under relevant laws, when employees reasonably exercise their rights under the laws.

For example, if your employer refuses to pay you the overtime for which you're eligible under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and you exercise your right to report it to the U.S. or state labor department, then your employer may not retaliate by discriminating against you in the workplace.

The FLSA is just one among several employment and labor laws that have employer, workplace and other employment retaliation protection provisions for employees. Discrimination laws have similar retaliation protection provisions.

What are collectively called whistleblower laws (or whistle blower laws) protect employees from retaliation for "blowing the whistle" on their employers to the proper authorities, when they suspect that their employers are engaged in illegal, unsafe or unhealthy activities according to laws or public-policy.

Retaliation Topics

Workplace Retaliation
Generally explains employment and employer retaliation in the workplace, along with avenues of relief for victims.

Whistleblower Retaliation Protection
Explains the basics of retaliation that is prohibited under whistleblower laws. Avenues of relief for victims are included.

Topics Related to Retaliation

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Cross-linked from DiscriminationEmployment Discrimination Definition and Laws
In addition to protecting employees from employment discrimination, these laws also protect employees from employer retaliation for reasonably exercising their rights and taking legal action under the laws.

See Whistleblower Law Research for resources to help you research employee protection provisions for employer, workplace and other employment retaliation, and avenues of relief for victims.

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