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About EmployeeIssues.com


Welcome to EmployeeIssues.com, a free resource for general information about employee rights laws in the United States. EmployeeIssues.com helps employees to help themselves, to better understand their employee rights under the related laws. EmployeeIssues.com has been serving employees since 2003.

Did you know?Although EmployeeIssues.com is targeted primarily to employees, the employee rights law resources it provides are also useful for employers.

Who We Are

We are an independent, USA-based Web team with a passion for helping workers to help themselves regarding their employee rights under the law. To put that another way, we used to be employees among the many with unanswered questions about their rights!

We now provide basic answers to those questions through general information about employee rights. We also own and operate TechnicalJobSearch.com, a free Web portal for techies and other job seekers.

J. Steven, our lead writer and editor, earned a degree in business administration, which included business law courses. For over 22 years he then worked in supervisory and managerial roles for major high-tech corporations headquartered in Northern California's Silicon Valley.

Based on his career credentials, along with his knack for writing, for nine years J. Steven also moonlighted as a freelance writer of employee rights and other employment matters for a Top-10 Web site, which is owned by and shares online content with the New York Times. His freelance articles are still among the most popular on the Web regarding employment matters.

In fact, certain Web circles referred to J. Steven as "The Job Seekers' Advocate". Although he now prefers a more modest profile as an anonymous author of employment matters, he's still pursuing his passion for helping workers to discover their rights under the law.

Information vs. Legal Advice

EmployeeIssues.com provides general information about employee rights under the related laws. It does not provide legal advice, nor is the general information it provides a substitute for legal advice. (Read our Disclaimer for more information.)

Only a lawyer who knows employee rights laws (employment and labor laws) that are specific to the state or municipality in which you work, can legitimately and accurately provide employee rights legal advice that specifically fits your particular situation. Employment lawyers often take winnable cases on a contingency basis.

Why EmployeeIssues.com is Free

We have partnered through affiliate arrangements with a few of the resources we list, to help keep EmployeeIssues.com free for you. We identify such resources by linking to them with no initial underlining like this, by conspicuously displaying them in image or text ad units, or simply by telling you in proximity to the affiliate links. We hope that you'll find these resources to be helpful, and if you're thinking about buying similar products or services anyway, that you'll do so in support of the free information EmployeeIssues.com provides.

But you are under no obligation. EmployeeIssues.com is free, period. We also provide hundreds of resources with which we have no affiliate arrangements, simply because they'll help you to learn more about employee rights.


EmployeeIssues.com supports privacy on the Internet. Subsequently, it does not attempt to collect any personal information about you. (Registration is not required.) Please read our Privacy Policy for more information. It's also linked near the bottom of every page.

Articles and Resources

EmployeeIssues.com is always publishing and updating free employee rights articles and resources. Meanwhile, we hope that you'll find our current content to be helpful and will return soon. For general descriptions of our current employee rights articles and resources, visit our Home page.

See also Employee Rights Blog, in which we publish brief articles (blog posts) about employee rights laws and related matters.

Research sources for EmployeeIssues.com content include, but are not limited to, the following.

For information other than what EmployeeIssues.com currently offers, search the Web, reference employee rights books or consult a lawyer.

Web Browser/Display Resolution

EmployeeIssues.com looks its best (for whatever that's worth) in the most-recent version of Internet Explorer set to medium text size (default) at 1024x768 resolution, the most popular combination according to statistics. To change your display resolution, see the documentation for your computer or monitor. It's typically quick and easy to do.

Thanks for visiting EmployeeIssues.com!

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